Trade Information & Market Research

International trade information and market research data supports businesses to identify strong, untapped and growing markets globally for their products & services. This helps understand market dynamics and plan investment strategies. Organizations can use the data to learn the potential of their products or services in a given market as well as its prospects for success in that market.

Trade Education Services

With trade education services on a variety of topics and networking opportunities through conferences, country-specific seminars, MDP’s & workshops as a part of its Knowledge Series, the business community is made aware of various policies and programs. Apart from organizing own programs, it also works closely with different Government Agencies, Chambers of Commerce/ Association & Corporates and acts as a forum for dialogue, education and training on the ever changing facets of international trade.

Group Trade Missions

As a part of the strong global network, WTC Kochi receives trade delegations from other WTCs as well as from International TPOs across the globe.
It enables International Trade Organizations to visit Kochi and interact with the local business organizations, exchange knowledge and opportunities for better trade relations.

Business Services

A host of services like board rooms and conference facilities creates a conducive environment for Corporates, International Business Organizations, Small & Medium Enterprises to do business. Guiding businesses with local & international rules, regulations, policies and procedures also helps them in the professional world.

Networking Opportunities

By leveraging the combined networks of international trade and business development experts, WTC Kochi meets the specific needs of its clients & partner organizations by providing international market research, business matchmaking and connections to public and private resources, as well as through the planning of strategic trade missions, trade educational programs and networking events.

B2B Meetings

Through B2B Meetings, WTC Kochi provides an ideal platform for the business community to interact with interested businesses and start new relations. This goes hand in hand with the objective of fostering international trade by providing the services designed to meet the needs of participants in global commerce. Trade shows and seminars further give business owners the platform to find the right business partners.