Untangle the Tangle: Introduction to Tangle Technology and its Business Application

20th Mar 2018

The World Trade Center (WTC) Kochi is organizing an introductory session to “Tangle Technology” which can overcome certain shortcomings of the Blockchain technology. The rise and fall of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies during the past few years catapulted Blockchain into the mainstream. However, Blockchain has certain limitations which paved the way for its successor -The Tangle. Tangle forms the next evolutionary step succeeding Blockchain. It aims to rectify the shortcomings of Blockchain.

Mr.Real Prad, CEO-SayOne Technologies, will be the speaker. The session will broadly cover areas like – Introduction to Tangle, Comparison with Blockchain, Applications of Tangle etc. There is no entry fee, but prior registration is mandatory. Entry is restricted to first 40 nominations.

Date: 20th March 2018   Venue: Seminar Hall, WTC Kochi   Time: 3.30 PM
To register, /8089099915