Future of Ind-US relations and the Role of China in the Changing Global Order

5th Aug 2020

The India-US relationship is expected to grow in the coming years for different reasons. United States of America continue to be key partner for India especially when it comes to bilateral trade. With the pandemic and diplomatic challenges with China taking a toll on the global trade, World Trade Center is organising a virtual discussion as titled above with subject matter experts sharing their views on how these developments will affect bilateral relationship and global trade. 

Ambassador T. P. Sreenivasan, renowned Indian Diplomat and permanent representative of India to the UN is the lead speaker. The session will be moderated by Dr. D. Dhanuraj, Public Policy Expert and Chairman of Centre for Public Policy Research. 

Supporting Partner Organisations: Indo-American Chamber of Commerce and Center for Public Policy Research. 

We invite members of all the partner organisations, representatives from Indian companies already having/planning to engage for business with US and China, Economists, Academicians and Students in International Business to participate in this programme. 

Register here. There is no participation fee but prior registration is mandatory. For queries call 6366918575.