Workshop on Understanding the Impact and Applications of Business Analytics

27/09/2018 | Completed Event

The World Trade Center Kochi organized a workshop on 'Understanding the Impact and Applications of Business Analytics' in association with GTech, Great Learning, Trinity Skillworks and EWIT on 28th September 2018 at Athulya Hall, Infopark Kochi. Mr Arjun Nair, Director - Learning Experience, Great Learning & Mr Vinod Venkatraman, Director - Technology, Great Learning were the lead speakers. Mr Arjun Nair engaged the audience in an interactive case study based discussion from the Entertainment Industry & gave examples of various methods employed by companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Facebook, Google etc. for suggesting their products and ads to users. He spoke about the changes happening in the analytics domain and how businesses are adapting to those changes. Mr Vinod Venktraman addressed the crowd on the process in which a recommendation system works and how it is today widely used in different industries. Mr Vinod also spoke about the general parameters to be considered while developing on a recommendation model. Mr Jijo John, CEO-Calpine Group and Member of GTech did the welcome address, Mr K.M Subhash, Founder and CEO-Trinity Skillworks Pvt.Ltd. introduced the speakers and Mr Vivek George, Deputy Manager-WTCK made the concluding remarks and proposed the vote of thanks. A similar session was also conducted on 26th September 2018 at Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram.