When the Clock Ticks Away - Do More in Less Time

18/01/2023 | Completed Event

World Trade Center in association with Indian Institute of Materials Management, Bangalore organized an online session on Effective Time Management. Mr. Aswath Ramaiah, Founder, Unique Consultants was the speaker. Mr. Ramaiah described how time, being a non-replenishable asset, need to be carefully utilized. He stated that certain jobs needs undivided attention and hence is not advisable to multitask on those. He opined that one should always have a contingency plan in place in case the first approach fails. He shared a few ways to avoid procrastination, by dedicating more time to focused work, meditation, and reducing time spent in social media. Mr. Ramaiah says one should prioritize and not spend too much time on a specific task after completing it, to make it perfect. From his experience, one can also find time to be more productive when the task at hand requires little to no attention, like waiting for a train/bus. Mr. Sandeep Raj, Coordinator, World Trade Center Kochi moderated the session. Mr. Vivek George, Sr. Manager, World Trade Center and Mr. P. Sengottaiyan, Chairman, IIMM Bangalore also spoke.