Webinar on ''World as a Covid Village''

08/04/2020 | Completed Event

A virtual live session ‘World as a COVID Village’ was organised by World Trade Center Kochi, Chennai and Bangalore. Mr.Jacob Punnoose IPS, former State Police Chief and Member of Covid Special Taskforce,Kerala was the speaker. Mr.Punnoose through his inspirational talk spoke about tackling this pandemic and elaborated his views on moving forward. He said that we need to learn from our history and react to such pandemics. The doubling rate of this disease and its spread are concerns which the country should address. He expressed satisfaction on how the Kerala Government responded to this unprecedented situation and added that the fight has only begun.He commented that the virus has disrupted almost everything and it is upto us now to adjust to the new normal.According to him,India particularly Kerala cannot remain in lockdown for ever. It is time to prepare ourselves and fight back. We must learn to co-exist with Covod-19. The programme had participants from other metro cities who interacted with the speaker and clarified their queries on lockdown and its relaxations.