Talk on "Should Companies Redefine their Social Media Policies?"

11/05/2018 | Completed Event

The World Trade Center Kochi together with Kerala Management Association(KMA) organised a talk on the subject "Should Companies Redefine their Social Media Policies" on 11thMay 2018. The event was hosted by KMA at their meeting hall. Mr Deepak Tejomaya, Associate Director, Human Resources-KPMG was the speaker for the session. Mr Tejomaya spoke on the need for having a social media policy and the relevance it has in the modern time. He touched upon the elements to be included in the policy and also dealt with a few case studies/situations where the code was violated. Following his lecture, there were some serious interactions with the participants who discussed at large the other aspects of having a social media policy. The event was attended by 44 delegates. The audience included Managing Committee Members of KMA, other Members, Start-Ups, IT Companies, Manufacturing and Service Industries, Students etc.