Talk on Building Real World Serverless Applications in the Cloud

06/06/2018 | Completed Event

The World Trade Center Kochi in association with NASSCOM organized a talk on “Building Real World Serverless Applications in the Cloud” on 6th June 2018 at NASSCOM office, Infopark. Mr Abhilash Kumar - Technical Architect, Digital Innovation Team, IBS Software Services was the Speaker. Mr Abhilash spoke about serverless computing, that takes away the complexity associated with managing servers and is a hot topic in the software architecture world today. He spoke about the emerging patterns in Serverless Architecture, Real-world use Cases and the Anti-Patterns to avoid while using Serverless technologies. Serverless computing is a cloud-computing execution model in which the cloud provider dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources. Pricing is based on the actual amount of resources consumed by an application, rather than on pre-purchased units of capacity. It is a form of utility computing. The event was attended by delegates from various IT companies in and around Kochi. Mr Sujith Unni, Regional Head –NASSCOM made the opening remarks. Mr Vivek George of WTCK gave away the memento to the Speaker.