Seminar on Risk Management and Governance

19/12/2018 | Completed Event

The World Trade Center Kochi on 19th Dec organised a seminar on ‘’Risk Management and Governance’’ at Hotel Abad Plaza, M.G. Road, Ernakulam. Mr. Vivek Govind Sr. Partner-Varma and Varma, Chartered Accountants, made the opening remarks and set the context for the seminar. In his address, he spoke about the relevance this topic has on the companies especially in the present world of disruptions. He also said that the risk management team of every company should ensure that they foresee all kinds of risks around them and work towards attaining organisational objectives. Mr. Akhilesh Varghese, Partner-Deloitte was the lead speaker. Mr. Akhilesh touched upon the important categories of risks that a firm faces and explained in details about Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Extended Enterprise Risk Management (EERM). He said that ‘Risk Management today is a continuous affair and the response time for a Chief Risk Officer is minimum’’. He spoke about the best practices in corporate governance where he cited a few examples. Mr. Akhilesh touched upon how Management / Boards can use ERM for decision making and managing their businesses, Performing Risk Assessments, Risk Prioritization etc. He said companies that had used to operate smoothly with the help of forecasts and projections now think twice maybe thrice before taking a decision. They all have now a renewed focus. Earlier Mr. Vivek George of World Trade Center Kochi delivered the welcome address and concluding remarks were made by Adv. Sankar Panicker, Panicker and Panicker. Mr. Sanjeev Rajan, CFO, Geojit Financial Services handed over the memento to Mr. Vivek Govind and Adv. Sankar Panicker handed over the memento to Mr. Akhilesh Varghese. Members of Board, CEOs, CFOs, Chief Risk Officers and Chief Internal Auditors attended the seminar.