RoDTEP Scheme Simplified: Opportunities and Challenges

27/08/2021 | Completed Event

World Trade Center in association with Export Promotion Council for EOUs and SEZs (EPCES) organized a webinar “RoDTEP Scheme Simplified: Opportunities and Challenges”. Mr. K.M. Harilal ITS, Joint Director General of Foreign Trade, Kochi delivered the keynote address. Mr. Krishna Barad, Partner/ Customs & International Trade, Indirect Tax - BDO India was the speaker. Mr. Harilal explained the major difference between RoDTEP AND MEIS and the background of RoDTEP. RoDTEP has replaced the earlier MEIS scheme from 1st Jan 2021. RoDTEP unlike MEIS, is not a subsidy scheme but a tax refund scheme. He also listed some of the exemptions to the scheme. Till date, the subsidy was to export, but now the Government has identified certain sectors with potential for growth and will give refunds for production. Mr. Krishna Barad explained the steps through which RoDTEP will be implemented. He listed the import tariff rates for various products. He detailed the registration process the exporters have to follow through ICEGATE to avail the benefits. Mr. Barad also took questions from the participants regarding the scheme. Mr. Hrishikesh Nair, President, WTC – Operations; Dr. Bose K. Nair, Regional Director, EPCES – Bengaluru and Ms. Sree Rajmohan, Regional Director, EPCES – Kochi also spoke.