Pookkalam Competition at WTC Kochi

09/09/2019 | Completed Event

A Pookkalam competition was organized at the World Trade Center Kochi on 9th September 2019. This is an annual event conducted by WTC Kochi as part of the tenant engagement activities. The activity was held at the main lobby of WTC, with teams laying Pookkalams with various themes using fresh flowers. Pookkalam (floral carpet) is a tradition followed by Keralites during the time of Onam, the harvest festival. It is regarded as a symbol of prosperity and ushering of the malayalam new year. The pookkalams laid by the teams had various themes such as Chandrayan, Theyyam (A traditional ritual dance practiced in northern Kerala), Chekkutty Dolls (A Social cause to help flood affected weavers in Kerala), Vallamkali (Traditional Boat race held in various parts of Kerala) and world peace. Ms. Roshni Thomas, Senior Technical Advisor, KSITIL; Ms. Ambika T.M., Founder & CEO, MarkeSynergist Pvt Ltd and Mr. Vinod Menon, Kerala- Head, Property Management were the judges. The pookkalams were rated based on the themes, designs, materials used etc. Forerun Global Solutions Pvt Ltd, Digiora Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Cascade Revenue Management Pvt. Ltd. bagged the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively.