Metaverse: Its Future & Opportunities

13/04/2022 | Completed Event

A webinar on "Metaverse: Its Future & Opportunities" was organized in association with NASSCOM. Mr. Sunil David, Ex-Regional Director – IOT of AT&T and NASSCOM IOT Tech Guru for W2RT program will be the speaker. Mr. Sunil David explained the history of the Metaverse. Metaverse is a decentralised system where all users have individual agency and cannot be reset or unplugged. It has the potential to power virtual economies, create engaging social experiences, all the while giving its users a realistic sensory experience with extended reality tools. He gave examples of metaverse experiences like in immersive games, commerce, collaborative environments, real estate, travel, learning & education, fitness etc. Customers will be content creators, content amplifiers and consumers. He also shared his knowledge on the developments in human interface devices that can enhance the Metaverse experience. Currently, in India, companies like Nextmeet, Bollyheroes, Onerare, Zippy etc. are active in the metaverse. He added that there should be balance and moderation in its application. Mr. Hrishikesh Nair, President, World Trade Center, Mr. Sujith Unni, Regional Head, NASSCOM and Mr. Vivek George, Manager, World Trade Center also spoke.