Magento Meetup Kochi

07/12/2019 | Completed Event

The World Trade Center Kochi hosted a Magento meetup on 7th December 2019. The event was organized by the Kochi Magento meetup group along with NASSCOM. The programme had participants most of whom were IT professionals in the field of e-commerce solutions. Magento is an open source platform used for e-commerce systems. The discussion was around the attacks on Magento based e-commerce platforms and on the actions to be taken for protection. Mr. Kalpesh Mehta, Magento certification advisory board memberspoke about the methods for proactive Magento Security. He mentioned the various extensions/services to use to protect the store against attacks.Mr. Joseph Maxwell, Founder, SwiftOtter Solutionsjoined via video call. He spoke about the various steps for companies looking for Magento certification. He spoke about the various best practices adopted by Magento users and also gave a Magento roadmap for Security oriented uses. In his session, he also spoke about the ways to clean a website in case of an attack.