Live Webinar “Building Efficiencies in Business Using Analytic & Intelligent Tools in Challenging Times”

25/04/2020 | Completed Event

The World Trade Center in association wih Skill2pro and GTech organized a virtual session that discussed building efficiencies in business, using analytics and intelligent tools. Mr. N.R. Anantharamakrishnan, the Principal Consultant of RAK Analytics was the speaker at this event. Mr. Anantharamakrishnan observed that this global health crisis has had a drastic impact on the supply chain. He also added that companies would be downsizing their employee strength to stay afloat. He stated that with the job losses, opportunities will also arise at the same time.  According to the current trends, the future of all business will be ‘data driven’, he said. He stressed that the quality, hygiene and reliability of the data will be of utmost importance and companies will need more ‘data janitors’ to collect and condense data from various sources. Mr. Vivek George, Manager, WTC Kochi and Chennai; Mr. Vishnu Nair, Secretariat in charge, GTech and Mr. Johnson Leon, Founder Skill2pro also spoke.