Lessons from the Kerala Floods

21/09/2018 | Completed Event

The World Trade Center Kochi organized a session themed “Lessons from the Flood” on 19th September 2018 at KTIZ, Kalamasserry. Mr Jayaram Subramanian from Anbodu Kochi, Mr. Anshu Gupta, Founder – Goonj, Mr. Hari Nair of Compassionate Keralam, Mr. Jofin George, Founder, Koodorukkaam and Mr. Gopinath Parayil, Co-founder “Chekutty Dolls” project spoke during the session. Mr Jayaram Subramanian spoke on behalf of Anbodu Kochi, an NGO that played a crucial role in the relief activities after the Kerala floods. Mr Jayaram spoke about how Anbodu Kochi operated tirelessly during the Kerala floods to bring relief materials to the people in need. Mr Anshu Gupta, Founder – Goonj, stressed on how deforestation and rapid urbanization became factors that contributed to such a natural calamity. Mr Gupta stressed that the relief activities have actually just began and it would take time to recover from a disaster of such a large scale. Mr. Hari Nair of Compassionate Keralam spoke about how they facilitated rescue operations with the help of Facebook and Whatsapp Groups and later used the same channels for distribution of materials to the camps. Mr Joffin George, Co-Founder, Koodorukkaam spoke on how their initiative helps people donate their unused utensils and appliances which are in prime condition to people who are now in need. Mr Gopinath Parayil co-founder, Chekkutty Dolls initiative spoke on how he along with Ms. Lakshmi Menon started the Chekutty  Doll initiative to revive the badly hit Chendamangalam Handloom industry. The session also had speakers from Startups – Qcopy and Riafy explaining how their technical expertise were used during rescue/ relief activities. The programme was well attended with attendees from the industry, startups, students and NGOs.