Is India Ready for Electric Vehicles?

18/01/2022 | Completed Event

An online panel discussion on Is India Ready for Electric Vehicles? was organized in association with NASSCOM and BDO India. Panelists included Mr. Raj Mehta, Founder - Greta Electric Scooters; Mr. Y S R Rajeev Kumar, VP - Head Sales, Marketing & PR, ETO Motors; Mr. Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal, Co- Founder, Charzer; Mr. Krishna Barad, Partner/ Customs & International Trade, Indirect Tax - BDO India; Mr. John Kuruvila, Chief Mentor, Brigade REAP. Mr. Abhinav Srivastava, Partner - Indirect Tax, BDO India was the moderator for the session. Mr. John Kuruvila, mentioned how in the state of Karnataka, the EV sales is increasing whereas ICE vehicles sales have been dropping. Projected figures show that the number of EVs in India in 3 years is likely to touch 10 million Mr. YSR Rajeev Kumar explained how EVs have less operating cost as compared to ICE vehicles. With battery costs drastically coming down over the last few years, EV population in the world has grown multifold. Mr. Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal opined that the lack of proper charging infrastructure is the main hurdle in the path of EV adoption. He added that according to Government policy within two years in all major cities EV charging stations are going to be set up every 25 Km on each side of the road. Mr. Raj Mehta listed the things customers should lookout while buying an EV such as motors, battery, safety parameters, after sales service, spare parts availability etc. He also appreciated the Government's efforts in promoting EV industry in India. Mr. Krishna Barad gave the details of various schemes and incentives offered by the Government of India. He also gave details of the current taxes and duties on EV related products.