Future of Work, Role of Technology and Impact on the HR Profession

14/05/2020 | Completed Event

''This Covid-19 crisis in fact has made the HR profession more important and valued. Adopting technology is the key and culture bulding still require human mind to curate and nurture it. Productivity is going to be measured in terms of output and results rather than how long an employee spends at work'' - Mr.M.P.Sriram,Founding Partner, Aventus Partners. Mr.Sriram was speaking at a webinar organised by World Trade Center and GreyTip HR.The programme discussed the significant trends that are emerging around work and organizing; the impact on the HR profession and HR professionals including their roles and skills; emerging trends in HR technology and Digitalisation in HR . Mr.Sriram also urged the labour laws in the country to be more constructive.Attendees mostly HR professionals across the country attended and used the forum to clarify their queries with the speaker.