Flutter Live 2018

05/12/2018 | Completed Event

A viewing of the “Flutter Live 2018” event was held by, SayOne Technologies in the World Trade Center Kochi on 5th December 2018. Flutter Live viewing parties are organized by many organizations who have adopted Flutter, which is Google’s UI toolkit that works on different platforms like – Android, iOS, Windows, Mac etc. Major companies which have used Flutter in developing/ updating their existing apps include – Alibaba, Google Ads, Apptree, Hamilton Musical, Tencent, JD Finance etc. The speakers included - Ms. Akhila Antony, Software Engineer; Mr. Nikhil K.S., Android Developer and Mr. Rijaz Rasheed, iOS Developer from SayOne Technologies. The recorded footage of the Flutter Live event, conducted on 4th December 2018 at the Science Museum in London, was screened afterwards. The event was followed by a quiz that the participants could take online. This was done in association with WTC Kochi and NASSCOM.