Certified Workshop on Mindfulness and Workplace Wellness

10/07/2019 | Completed Event

The World Trade Center Kochi organized a full day certified workshop on Mindfulness and Workplace Wellness. Mr.Gokul Raghunathan, Founder, Mindelligence was the faculty. The programme began with brief activities to explain to the participants the concept of Mindfulness. He said that Mindfulness helps in increasing the efficiency of a particular activity, be it at work or in personal life. He said that Mindfulness is not just about focusing your attention on one single activity alone but being able to perform a single activity by involving completely in it. He quoted many examples for the participants to grasp the meaning of Mindfulness. He gave numerous group tasks to the participants to enhance their knowledge on Mindfulness. He further said that practicing these activities for 40 days would help participants be expert practitioners of Mindfulness. He also gave various self-assessment tests to the participants to help them improve their Mindfulness skills. The workshop had representation from IT, Finance, Consultancy, Media, Food processing, Manufacturing, Trade association, Chartered Accountants, Travel and Students. This was held at Novotel,Kochi.