Automation Driving the Future of Professionals

05/02/2019 | Completed Event

The World Trade Center Kochi (5th February, 2019) organized a talk on “Automation Driving the Future of Professionals”. Prof. Paul Juras, Babson College, Massachusetts addressed the IT professionals from Infopark, Kochi on the subject. Prof. Juras spoke about the opportunities and threats that automation will pose to Companies and individuals. He said that even when lot of processes are being automated, there are still numerous activities that requires a human touch. Activities like - Managing and developing people, Decision making, planning and creative work have least chances of getting automated. He spoke in detail about the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (i4.0). He urged Individuals to adopt and adapt to skills in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Intelligent Process Automation. Updation is the key and we all need to keep up with the ever changing trends in technology. Prof. also gave a few case studies in which Big data, AI and other emerging technologies were effectively used by various organizations to improve their businesses. Mr. Jim Piechowski, Director, International Operations and Business Development and Mr.Vivek George of WTC Kochi also spoke.The session was attended by IT professionals who interacted with the speaker on the impacts of automation happening in their sector.There was also discussion on the processes adopted by Infopark companies in order to help their employees adjust to the changing work environment.The programme ended with lunch.