Women Leadership Meet 2024

21/05/2024 | Completed Event

We partnered with IIMM Bangalore Chapter for the Women Leadership (Virtual)Meet -2024. The event, titled "Contemporary Themes in India’s Supply Chains and Women’s Role in It," convened industry leaders to delve into the challenges and opportunities within the global supply chain landscape, with a special focus on the indispensable contributions of women.

Distinguished speakers, including Ushasri Tirumala, Executive Vice President and GM at Manhattan Associates, Dr. Renu Rajani, a Senior IT Industry Leader and author, and SUDHA PADMAKUMAR, Associate VP-South at Flomic Group, alongside Dr. Bhargavi V R, Professor and Director at Seshadripuram College, Shahwar Banu, Director-HR at Tietoevry, and Asha Sampath, discussed various pressing issues in supply chain management. Their discourse encompassed topics ranging from sustainability, resilience, challenges, and opportunities in packaging & recycling to environmental responsibilities and the impact of government policies on supply chains. Furthermore, they explored emerging trends such as minimal packaging, digital e-commerce, and leveraging technology for enhanced supply chain efficiency.

Emphasizing the pivotal role of women, speakers underscored how women with robust technological knowledge and confidence can excel in sectors like shipping and logistics. They stressed the importance of investing in women through initiatives like hiring, promoting, coaching, and mentoring to foster enduring leadership and organizational success. Additionally, they highlighted the responsibility of men in championing diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the workplace.

The event also delved into global supply chain disruptors, including geopolitical alignments, cyberattacks, and economic recessions, and emphasized the transformative role of technology in supply chain evolution. Discussions extended to the future of work, encompassing emotional, physical, and technological aspects of the workplace, underlining the significance of lifelong learning and skill development.

Concluding the event was a call to action urging more women to pursue degrees and courses in supply chain management to meet the escalating demand for skilled professionals in the field. The WOMEN LEADERSHIP MEET -2024 served as a poignant testament to the indispensable role of supply chain professionals, particularly women, in propelling the global economy forward.