Earth Day 2024

22/04/2024 | Completed Event

In commemoration of World Earth Day, we embarked on a green journey, fostering sustainability and environmental consciousness within our community. Through a series of engaging activities, we took meaningful steps towards a greener, healthier future.

With hands-on enthusiasm, participants came together to craft seed balls, tiny capsules of life bursting with potential. As a symbolic gesture of growth and renewal, we planted tree saplings as well as medicinal plants across our campus. By fostering their growth, we honor the intrinsic connection between human health and environmental well-being.

We were thrilled to witness enthusiastic participation from our tenant companies. Together, we united in a shared vision of sustainability, demonstrating that collective action yields powerful results.

As we reflect on our Earth Day celebrations, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to connect with nature and each other. At World Trade Center, environmental stewardship is not merely a duty but a privilege—a chance to cultivate harmony between humanity and the planet we call home. As we continue our journey, let us sow seeds of change, nurture green initiatives, and strive towards a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.