Facility Tour

18/01/2024 | Completed Event

In an effort to actively engage clients within the building, WTC Kochi organized an insightful Facility Tour. This innovative initiative aimed to provide a hands-on experience, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the critical operational areas of the building and gain a deeper understanding of its functions, along with appreciating the dedication of the ground staff.

Our guided tour meticulously led client representatives through key rooms, offering comprehensive insights into essential features, security protocols, redundancy and backup measures, as well as showcasing the critical equipment housed within. This detailed exploration elucidated the crucial role of these elements in ensuring seamless operations. Emphasizing transparency, the tour served as a platform for client education on the measures in place, highlighting the reliability and efficiency of both equipment and operations. Participants gained valuable insights into preventive maintenance practices and contingency plans, reaffirming the facility's unwavering commitment to uninterrupted operations.

The program received positive feedback from clients, who appreciated the firsthand experience and direct insights into the various equipment and their operations during the tour.